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I swear that I always get “close” on the functionality I want in my projects. Seems like there’s that last 10% that just isn’t there. Really need to step up my iOS app development learning so I can just build what I want.

Tip for iPad split view: to adjust the split point of the two panes, tap and drag down slightly. This seems to grab the splitter and you can resize it easily. Before I stumbled upon the drag down part, I often couldn’t move the splitter.

Saw some new Apple TV screensavers today. They really are fun to watch.

I’m always surprised at how easily people dismiss the new iPhones that look like old iPhones. Almost every year the actual hardware updates have been very impressive, but people say year on year there’s nothing worth upgrading for. I feel like I’m looking at different specs than others.

iPhone 8 Plus purchased. The X sounds great, but I’ve gotten used to the Plus size. I tried the 10.5 iPad and found I got used to the 12.9. I was worried I wouldn’t get in on the early batch of X and then I would fall back to the 8 and I would have wasted a month.

Interesting. Five of the eight Apple Sport Loop watch bands say “color available for a limited time only.”

I think the iPhone 8 Plus is the sweet spot. I’m used to the larger size. The iPhone X form factor might feel funky. Definitely going to have to see this one in person before deciding.

Surprised that the Amazon Prime Video app for Apple TV wasnt mentioned as part of the product announcements today

I could read this as blatantly commercial, but honestly, I think it’s a nice way to honor Prince. Prince Gets His Own Pantone color:…

My new lease. Honda Fit EX 2017.

It’s not visually appealing, but putting a utilities folder in the iOS 11dock helps with split screen multitasking.

I wonder if that was a migraine. Not fun. At least it only lasted a couple hours and I could sleep through it.

10.5 iPad is great, but I every time I pick up my 12.9 it just feels “right”. I have been spoiled by such a large display. Ideally I would have both, but that’s a little too much coin for a “I use it sometimes” device.

WWDC keynote never feels quite complete anymore until I’ve listened to/watched The Talk Show. Always great to see Apple execs in a relaxed, long form interview. Thanks to everyone who helps make it happen.

Hulu Live TV is close but still too many deal breakers. Apparently no commercial free content deal with CBS and no local live channels in Portland. Not sure what usability testing they did on the UI. Not horrible but feels like some easy misses. Probably drop back to $12/mo plan.

Bought second Apple Watch to document problem with the first Apple Watch. Both Series 1.

Showed the dev team my CSS Grid experiments. Makes for very flexible data tables with easy fixed headers.

Trying to authenticate to the Spotify API with Workflow. Not getting the hang of this yet.

More on this Apple Watch: 7am, 100%. 5:30pm, 5%. Aggravating.

Apple Watch returned and surprise they found no problems. This is the second time. The battery drain seems just as bad as before. Really disappointed in Apple here.