• New commute is tricky. One way streets and heavy rush hour traffic means one route is easy, but another route is nearly impossible. Those nuances aren’t captured by mapping apps!

  • First day at the new job went well. As usual, lots of industry specifics to learn.

  • iOS Journal, Week 2

    Another week that wasn’t productive. I expected that. Tomorrow I start a new job. I think I let the vacation feeling sink in this past week. It’s been four months since I’ve worked. This is going to take some getting used to.

    But I did manage to layout some projects. I don’t want to learn iOS just to learn it, I have specific apps I want to create. I can do a lot of work on those before I write any code, so I did some of that this past week. The upcoming week is going to be interesting as I slide back into a normal working routine, and adjust to a normal commute. I was spoiled for the last five years.

    I also redid some Workflow scripts, so at least there was some coding in there.

  • Improved my Safari to Markdown newsletter entry Workflow script to handle Flipboard and Apple News as well. Now if I find an article to share while reading News or Flipboard, I won’t have to share out to Safari first.

  • iOS Journal, Week 1

    I’m trying to keep a weekly log of what I’ve done toward my goal of becoming an iOS developer. I have to keep some kind of public record.

    The week didn’t go as planned. No work done. Granted a few things came up, but a few things are always going to come up. This should have been an easy week, as I haven’t started my new job yet. Didn’t happen.

    In the past this would really get me down. I’ve learned that being upset about past performance does nothing to help future performance. Just have to recommit and try to do better this coming week.

    On a positive note, I wrote a Workflow script this week to take a YouTube playlist and get the titles and durations of the videos and output a Markdown list. While this isn’t anything like Swift programming, it scratches the same itch. And that itch felt really good to scratch.

  • The part of unemployment I’m going to miss: sitting on my couch working on my iPad, streaming Spotify to my Apple TV.

  • Discovered I can make links from iThoughts (master projects chart) to Bear (used as a personal wiki) and Trello (project details). Very cool. I’ve tried shoehorning everything into each of these apps previously. Might be overly complex, but this feels promising.

  • Antony Johnston on writing

    You have to want this story to exist so much, you’re prepared to make it exist.

    This how I feel about the app concepts in my head.

  • New Year, New Attempt at Learning iOS Development

    I began my career as a software engineer and then drifted into adjacent territories. I’ve always used my coding skills, but my formal languages were C and C++. I do okay with JavaScript, but modern languages and programming techniques aren’t in my knowledge set.

    I am a huge Apple fan and a nerdy user of iOS. I love Workflow. I always wanted to know how to do iOS development, but I never invested the time. I never dug in when I got confused. I always treated it as a weekend, once a month kind of project. Well, I finally want to get better.

    I think what has changed this time is as I have used Workflow more, I realize I want apps that don’t exist. Even if I never have succcess apps for sale, I have some apps I want to create just because I want to use them! For instance, I send a link roundup email newsletter to family and friends. I have a workflow hacked together, but I would really like to have a custom app. There are custom apps, but they don’t work the way I want. And I think that’s part of the drive of a developer. You want it because you do and you know you can build it.

    So, I’m going to make a real effort this year, and I’m going to try documenting it in public, here. I hate doing things in public. But I’m willing to try something I haven’t done before because I really want to be successful.

    As a side note, I’m very interested to see how this works with micro.blog. I like the idea of having a linked-list, Twitter-like blog mixed in with longer posts like these. Feels very Daring Fireball to me.

  • Test Title

    Another test. I apologize if someone actually follows me and you’re getting these test posts. Not sure how else to do it. The title I added from the web site didn’t seem to show up. It showed in the edit page, but not on my home page. Need to test from the Mac app to see if a title entered there will show up.

  • Interview done. Morning drive wasn’t bad. As a bonus, the sky was doing this.

  • Interview tomorrow means driving to a new place, on freeways, way before sunrise. Not the best way to put me in a calm frame of mind.

  • The New Year Post

    Apparently you’re not supposed to have resolutions and set goals in the new year. I get it. I’ve done it before and most of the time I haven’t met my goals. But that doesn’t mean setting the goal was a bad idea. It just means you need to do more than set the goal. You need to put the framework in place that will change your habits that will allow you to achieve the goal.

    The main goal for this year is to actually, finally learn iOS programming. I have too many apps that I want. I would love to be able to make some income off them, but if these apps just exist for me, I would be happy. So now I need to organize my day in a way to make sure I spend cycles learning iOS. Related to that, I want to document my progress. Making things public is important, but also it might be helpful.

  • I was surprised last night that most of my non tech savvy friends realized that rechargeable batteries has a limited lifespan. They were quite upset at Apple for “hiding” this fact.

  • Getting ready to rebuild my Mac. Lots of changes over the years and just feels time to start fresh. I’d do it with a new Mac but that’s not in the budget right now.

  • After listening to Core Intuition for so long, I had to try out MarsEdit 4 on its launch day.

  • Over an hour later and Comcast chat never came available.

  • Looks like I’m not the only unhappy Comcast customer this morning.

  • Continuing the job search.

  • So weird. For 3-4 days my Apple Watch battery was draining super quickly. I was down to only 12 hours a day. Now it seems back to normal. 8am-12pm still at 100%. Whew. Having only a 12 hour battery really compromises the usability of the Apple Watch.

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