• Long morning commute. Skipped morning checklist, forgot headphones which I need for work today. Now, Max train too full. Another 7 min wait.

  • Lunchtime cheesesteak is hitting my nap button really hard.

  • At first I was underwhelmed by my Casper mattress, but last night my hips were sore going to bed but not sore when I woke up. They probably would have been more sore with my old mattress.

  • Hmm. Never seen backlight bleed like this on an iPad. Hard to get a photo. Very noticeable in person.

  • I thought my podcast backlog was maybe pushing 100, then I turned on the Overcast badge. Oops.

  • Mt. Hood from the Office

    It looked better in person. The light was changing fast.

  • Let’s see how well the forecast holds up in PDX today. Light flurries at the MAX station at 7am. Planning on leaving well before the evening commute.

  • Day 1: Backpack is better than messenger bag for my hour long, standing commute.

  • An Example of How the Apple TV Remote Fails the Apple TV

    Watched the Super Bowl today with my Apple TV using the Channels app which uses my Mac mini with the HD HomeRun HDTV receiver. A lots of pieces to set up but it worked great. The part that didn’t work great was the Apple TV remote.

    The specific function that wasn’t reliable was the skip forward. I would let the Live signal buffer by hitting pause. I could buffer about 30 min before playback just starts up. I assume the buffer was full. I would watch a play and then click on the right side of the remote. Usually my thumb would be half on/half off the remote clicker/track pad. About half the time this would do what I expected and skip 30 seconds ahead. Perfect for getting to the next snap.

    The other half of the time, the playback would pause. Now I don’t honestly know if this was a problem with the Apple TV Channels app, or with the remote sending the wrong command. I’m inclined to think the latter because the Channels app is really good. If they could, I don’t think they would make such an error.

    Apple could have solved this by just giving us dedicated buttons, but Apple being Apple (whom I love), they had to get overly clever and then ignore further development. At least that’s how it feels.

    When it worked I was thrilled. Each time it didn’t, I wanted to throw the remote across the room. The whole game was a series of going from elation to absolute anger. And that had nothing to do with the game I was watching.

  • Max light rail is better than driving in rainy weather, but when you’re not close to a station on either end, it makes for a long commute. Doesn’t help the commute was 10 min at the last job.

  • iOS Journal, Week 3

    Another week without a lot of work, but I expected that. Last week was figuring out the new job. The biggest challenge has been how to go to work. Best option appears to be light rail, but it makes the commute really long. Of course my AirPods work great and I have plenty of podcasts to listen to.

    On the iOS front I signed up for the Design+Code app because it got rave reviews and it looks beautiful. I have went going to get another course till I finished the Udemy Ray Wenderlich course, but I wanted to support Design+Code.

  • Working on schedule options. I have learned if I don’t schedule my time, I’ll end up wasting it. Or at least not making progress on projects.

  • Tomorrow might be the day to try MAX, if the park and ride lot isn’t full.

  • New commute is tricky. One way streets and heavy rush hour traffic means one route is easy, but another route is nearly impossible. Those nuances aren’t captured by mapping apps!

  • First day at the new job went well. As usual, lots of industry specifics to learn.

  • iOS Journal, Week 2

    Another week that wasn’t productive. I expected that. Tomorrow I start a new job. I think I let the vacation feeling sink in this past week. It’s been four months since I’ve worked. This is going to take some getting used to.

    But I did manage to layout some projects. I don’t want to learn iOS just to learn it, I have specific apps I want to create. I can do a lot of work on those before I write any code, so I did some of that this past week. The upcoming week is going to be interesting as I slide back into a normal working routine, and adjust to a normal commute. I was spoiled for the last five years.

    I also redid some Workflow scripts, so at least there was some coding in there.

  • Improved my Safari to Markdown newsletter entry Workflow script to handle Flipboard and Apple News as well. Now if I find an article to share while reading News or Flipboard, I won’t have to share out to Safari first.

  • iOS Journal, Week 1

    I’m trying to keep a weekly log of what I’ve done toward my goal of becoming an iOS developer. I have to keep some kind of public record.

    The week didn’t go as planned. No work done. Granted a few things came up, but a few things are always going to come up. This should have been an easy week, as I haven’t started my new job yet. Didn’t happen.

    In the past this would really get me down. I’ve learned that being upset about past performance does nothing to help future performance. Just have to recommit and try to do better this coming week.

    On a positive note, I wrote a Workflow script this week to take a YouTube playlist and get the titles and durations of the videos and output a Markdown list. While this isn’t anything like Swift programming, it scratches the same itch. And that itch felt really good to scratch.

  • The part of unemployment I’m going to miss: sitting on my couch working on my iPad, streaming Spotify to my Apple TV.

  • Discovered I can make links from iThoughts (master projects chart) to Bear (used as a personal wiki) and Trello (project details). Very cool. I’ve tried shoehorning everything into each of these apps previously. Might be overly complex, but this feels promising.

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