Peter Uchytil's microblog

After listening to Core Intuition for so long, I had to try out MarsEdit 4 on its launch day.

Over an hour later and Comcast chat never came available.

Looks like I’m not the only unhappy Comcast customer this morning.

Continuing the job search.

So weird. For 3-4 days my Apple Watch battery was draining super quickly. I was down to only 12 hours a day. Now it seems back to normal. 8am-12pm still at 100%. Whew. Having only a 12 hour battery really compromises the usability of the Apple Watch.

Got the first cut of my resume site done. Hosted as a GitHub pages site. Cool way to explore Jekyll as a blogging engine. I like that the posts use Markdown so it keeps me from obsessing on the HTML possibilities.

Just realized the line in Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me at the beginning that goes “Livin’ like a lover with a radar phone” sounds like “Livin’ like a lover with a red iPhone.” Very prescient for a 1987 song.

Trying out the Mac version of Also setting up a new laser printer and working more on my portfolio site.

First time I’ve noticed in-app purchases called out in the App Store.

I was wondering why my Apple Watch didn’t tap me to stand. I flip my wrist, then tap the face. Nothing. My Watch had turned itself off. Battery at 99%. I have never seen that before.

Glassdoor and LinkedIn now match with my resume site and PDF resume.

Ugh. Realized my LinkedIn profile was completely out of sync with my actual resume.

Looking for a new job is so much more work than just working at a job.

I’m always surprised at how much work looking for a new job entails. Just trying to organize what needs to be done right now.

An interesting thing about the transition from an office job to working in your living room is the quiet. My office wasn’t noisy, but it had random noise. Today, my house is very quiet.

I have worked for three companies and I have been laid off three times. I really hoped DAT was going to be the place I could stay at for a long time, but it didn’t work out. I saw all the warning signs, but I hoped it would turn out differently. Back into the job market.

Don’t mean to jinx it by posting about it, but ever since iOS 11.01 my Smart Cover for my iPad 12.9 has stopped giving me “Accessory not compatible” ever 30 seconds. It’s back to being normal!

Usability issue I seem to be having with iOS 11 that I didn’t have before: when I pick up my iPhone 8 Plus my palm hits the play button onscreen. Today I took my headphones out and grabbed my phone to go walk outside and my music started playing from the phone speaker. I had the 6/7 Plus before so it’s not a new form factor.

Perfect run on traffic lights this morning! I don’t live too far from work, but there’s still five traffic lights. Hit all greens this morning! Well, that last one was very yellow, but I wasn’t going to let that spoil my streak! :)

I like True Tone on Apple’s displays, but I wish I could tune the white point. My iPhone 8+ is looking a little more yellow than my iPad.